The Barron is a part of Youth Core Ministries

 and serves youth in Pratt County! 


Youth Core Ministries has been sharing Jesus and ministering to the youth of Pratt County for twenty years. Many of the young people in our programs are at-risk youth. Our goal is to surround these young people with the love of God and the support of people who care and share in our mission. This ministry of support surrounds young people and gives them a chance at stability and opportunity for the future which can only serve the community of Pratt in a positive way. The Theatre gives us a venue to minister to even more students in an even wider variety of ways.


The Prospective impact the refurbished The Barron will have in the Pratt community has great value. An empty theatre building creates a decline in the net worth value on Main St.; but even worse, an empty theatre leaves a void in the morale of the community. As Main Street in America has been declining over several decades, Main Street in Pratt, Kansas is no exception. Main Street has lost several significant businesses during this era of decline. The reopening of the theatre for our youth, community events, and bi-monthly movies brings new enthusiasm and life into our community. The support from the City of Pratt, the Ministerial Alliance, and other local businesses for our mission at The Barron sparks hope for everyone involved.


Mr. Barron, A native of Indiana, came to Kansas as the assistant manager and drummer of the Wellington Majestic Theatre orchestra. During the fifteen years in Wellington, he met the daughter of John T. Showalter, and married her in 1906.

Together the Barrons entered the theatre management business, at one time owning and operating theatres in Wellington, Augusta, Eureka, Kiowa, Medicine Lodge, Wichita, and Ponca City, Oklahoma. Mr. Barron was the personnel and the business manager. Dapper Mr. Barron promoted the best Hollywood had to offer.

They moved to Pratt in 1924 and purchased three frame business houses in the 300 block of the South Main Street as the first step of their dream. The buildings had been occupied by the Gregory Bakery, the Gem Café, and the Anglin Barber Shop. Here they built the Barron Theatre. Now their dream was complete, and Pratt had a beautiful theatre.

Our Mission

Help YCM save the historic appearance of The Barron on Main Street! We plan to restore the outside front façade and marquee. Contact us for details on how you can help!

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